Tuesday, November 8, 2011

What We've Been Up To

A couple weeks ago we ventured off to the famous Stonehenge.  It was impressive.  Shorter, but bigger around than I imagined it to be in person.  The closest regular tourists can get is about 50 feet or so away from it, then there is a path that circles around it from a further distance.

Last weekend we made a quick trip to Cirencester, known for it's vast Cirencester Garden (which we could not locate due to an unhelpful GPS and several websites which talked about the garden, but did not give an address), St. John Baptist Church (which was being renovated), and St. Mary's Abbey.   We did, however, manage to walk through the town and the large park behind the Abbey, home to a Norman Arch and on the other far end, a Roman Wall.

Remains of Roman Wall in Cirencester

The information plaque was not so helpful.

On another note, I finally have a sewing machine back in my life!  So very glad to have that creative outlet once more.  I bought a basic, but solidly built Janome 525S.  So far it sews wonderfully!


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  1. That's a nice machine! I bit more heavy-duty than the Magnolia my DH uses on our boat.