Thursday, November 24, 2011


Happy Thanksgiving!

Reflecting on the many things we have to be thankful for, a few very important ones come to mind on this American holiday.

We are thankful for
  • God's grace in our lives.
  • Each other.
  • Our healthy, wonderful son
  • Z's job
  • Our flat
  • Our good friends back in the States
  • Grocery delivery (seriously a great perk)
  • Our long-term rental car (and all the things we've been able to haul)
  • Family we will miss seeing over the holidays
  • Travel opportunities we have by living in England

Over the last couple of weeks we have managed to take some day trips to a couple different towns.

We made our way to Chipping Campden , a town built on the old wool wealth money.  Apparently, sheep is where it was at, back in the 1600s.  We enjoyed our first family English pub meal: The Eight Bells Inn provided a very tasty repose from our sight-seeing.  Complete with pokey halls, random steps, and exposed wood beams on low ceilings.  It was pleasantly warm, dry, and inviting.

Eight Bells Pub
We walked around and through town, visiting St. James Church.  Where, we read, after leaving, just to the left of the main door, a small tombstone reads, "Thank you Lord for Simon, a dearly loved cat who greeted everyone who entered this church.  RIP 1980."
St. James Church

Walkway along the Alms Houses Still home to
Pensioners in Chipping Campden

We also spent a lovely day in Bath, home to ancient Roman Baths and beautiful buildings.  A very posh town it still is today.

The Bath Abbey  founded in 1499
Ancient Roman Baths, still filled with natural hot springs water

Lovely Courtyard where we had some very dry pasties.
C was very disappointed to find they were, in fact, not hamburgers. 

The sign behind us says, "Cycling Upon This Footpath Is Prohibited.  Penalty £2." 

A very happy C who finally got his hamburger.
It was a lovely day filled with sunshine and lots of ancient history. 

Wishing you many blessings this Thanksgiving Day.  Which is, of course, not observed here in England.  :)


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    1. That is some amazing history you were able to see. How fun!