Friday, October 28, 2011

Autumn Harvest


Local, Fresh Organic Food Brought Right
to My Door
This week I decided to try out a local organic food delivery service. Another little gem I stumbled upon (or rather received a large mailer advertising their company). Orders are placed online each week, and on your designated delivery day, boxes of local, fresh, and organic food is brought to your door.

A little before 10am, our main door buzzer rang, and the food arrived. At first I thought maybe they had given me part of someone else's order, there were so many boxes. But only one of them was actually filled to capacity. One large box held a pumpkin, another was filled up with insulation material to keep the meat and dairy I ordered cold. They actually use a resourceful "insulation": Wool. The boxes and insulation are given back to the driver next week for reuse. And the Ecover cleaners I ordered were in another box, so a little deceiving with all those boxes.  

Lots of Yummy Food!

And before I could get the boxes inside the flat, the Tesco delivery guy rang the buzzer with the rest of the groceries I ordered. Our hallway was a little full for a while. And stayed that way for a bit while C and I cooked the egg he insists on making as soon as he spies the egg carton and runs off to the kitchen with it. 

The Insulation for the Cold Food I Ordered Is Filled
With Wool.

Egg cooked, it was time to unload the goodies. I ordered a large organic pumpkin and two little ones. The plan was to keep them on the kitchen table for a time to enjoy the color, then eventually roast them up for pies. But the large pumpkin came with mushy brown area on the top already, so we cut out the bad part by the stem, scraped out the seeds, and cut them up for roasting in the oven. I ordered something called, "Crazy Jack Mixed Spice," which has all the spices together I would usually put in pumpkin pie. Here's hoping Crazy Jack knows his stuff.

Local, Organic Fruit & Veg Box
Autumn is acknowledged here, but there is not as much of a fall harvest celebration. For example, not only am I making a pumpkin pie from scratch because I enjoy creating culunary delights, but also because they don't sell them in the grocery store. And of course, they don't celebrate Thanksgiving here. Z is going to take a couple of days off that weekend in November and we're thinking of celebrating our American holiday in London.


Fresh, Oranic Pumpkin Ready for Roasting...
Then Pie!


  1. Awesome! I've heard that canned pumpkin is hard to find in many countries.

  2. How nice! I wish we had something like that here in the States.