Thursday, September 26, 2013

Playing Tourist

Well, we're still here.  In the UK.  Waiting.

Last weekend we played tourist and drove into Oxford.  We visited Oxford about a year and a half ago in February 2012, and mainly spent our time at Christ Church Cathedral buildings and grounds.  This time around, we wanted to visit the city centre and meander through the historic Radcliffe Square area. 

Driving through the countryside on the way to Oxford.

 There are historic, beautiful buildings in every direction around Oxford.  We focused on the area around St Mary's Church.

The Radcliffe Camera in Radcliffe Square
We even came across some knitting graffiti on the fence surrounding Radcliffe Camera.  Purl on, yarnstormers, purl on.
Knitting Graffiti extending 15 meters or so along the fence.
Running around Radcliffe Square while Z climbs the Tower at St Mary's
The Tower at St Mary's Church.  The overlook is just above the clock.
We also walked around the courtyard of the Bodleian Library where signs are posted reminding visitors to be quiet, as there is actual studying taking place inside the buildings.  Real students, not just relics inhabit these grounds.  Shhhhhh... 
The Tower of the Five Orders inside the Bodleian Library courtyard.

Walking behind statue of William Herbert, Earl of Pembroke, in courtyard of Bodleian Library

 It was really nice to get out of town for the day and enjoy some sight-seeing on what is hopefully one of our last weekends living in the UK. 
And sometimes, along the drive, there are sightings of things very out of place.
Anyone who has driven on roads in England, or pretty much anywhere in Western Europe,
 will know just how absurd it would be to navigate this around the countryside.

Also on our way, we encountered the cheapest toll road yet.  A booth staffed by two attendants, charging a preposterous 5p each for cars.  Does that even pay the wages of the staffers, let alone help with road maintenance?

Toll Booth: 5 pence (pennies) for cars.

We have been in our current temporary apartment here in the UK for almost 5 weeks now.  Our visa application is still being processed by the Irish government.  So we wait some more.  The place we are staying in is rented out to someone else beginning this weekend.  Thus, we are packing up our suitcases and household sundries, loading up the car, and driving across town to another apartment.  No living out of the car needed this time around.  Though it is a pain to pack everything up, it is nice to have an apartment for the next week, and not be staying in a hotel room (which would still be better than the car). 
Hopefully, based on the current processing timetable of the DJEI (Department of Jobs, Enterprise, & Innovation) in Ireland, our visas will come through within the next 10 days.  Then we can book flights to Dublin and be on our way to starting the next chapter.  We hope, we hope.


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