Monday, July 23, 2012

4 Nights in Rome: Final Installment

On our last day of sight seeing in Rome, we went to the Colosseum.  It is massive.

The remains of corridors are prominent in the center, built under what was once the main stage, to allow for animals and other entrapments to be hoisted up to the fighting arena from below.

We had beautiful weather in Rome--lots of sun and breeze.

After the Colosseum, we made our way back through town to the Pantheon.  We got in line for tickets just as they were closing the doors at 1pm (apparently, they closed early due to a national holiday).  We did not get to go inside, but peeked through the massive doors as we stood in line.  It too, is impressive.

There are a lot of street vendors in Rome.  From organized markets with tables and umbrellas, to stand alone men selling scarves lining their long wool coats.  And the piazza in front of the Pantheon has a strong vendor presence.  The knock off bags.  Oh, the knock off bags.  So very tempting they were.  I resisited mainly because being caught with a fake Louis Vuitton or Coco Chanel purse can land you in a bit of hot water in customs.  They are technically illegal and can be confiscated by customs and the possessor fined.  Not worth it.  I will hold out for the real thing in my dreams. 


At the end of the day before dinner (most restaurants in Rome don't open until 7pm or later) we stopped for our final gelato.  C requested his favorite, fragola (strawberry). 

For dinner we revisited the restaurant we went to on our first night in Rome.  We enjoyed our savory authentic dishes and went back to our rooms happy and satisfied.

We settled in for the night and planned to relax before our flight home the next day.  But the evening did not go quite as planned. 

Note to self: When your 3 year old complains of a "rumbly tummy" before bed--it's best to put down some sort of makeshift drop cloth.  Lest the little tyke end up sleeping on the one clean half of a duvet cover with a bath towel for a blanket.  We went through one bed sheet, a towel, half a duvet cover, two pillow cases, and finally (at Z's wise suggestion) a disposable changing mat placed under his head from the diaper bag.  Something did not sit well with the little guy and it came back up all.night.long.  Poor baby.

All the great online parenting blogs with suggestions on how to fly with toddlers fail to mention what it is like to travel with an awake-most-the-night-due-to-food-poisoning-mommy-I'm-so-hungry-and-thirsty little person.  We skipped breakfast and liquids that morning as I had fears of the "events" continuing on our flight home.  Z and I had to sneak drinks of water around the corner at the airport when C wasn't looking.  We made it through and landed back in the UK without incident.  Thankfully they have a mini grocery store at the Birmingham airport and we were able to rehydrate, all of us, and have a light lunch before driving home.

All in all, Rome is by far my favorite city we have visited.  The history, the culture, the language, the sights and sounds.  It is a wonderful place.



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