Thursday, March 1, 2012


 Sledging.  Yes, that is correct.  Not Sledding with a Sled.  But Sledging with a Sledge. 

A few weeks ago, after the second of only 2 snowfalls we've received here, we decided to drive up to one of the Hills in the Cotswolds.  There was a couple inches of mostly hard packed snow left in the Hills.  C was ecstatic to be out playing in the snow.  

Walking up a Hill with Daddy

 There is actually a rather nice view from the Hill overlooking our town and the surrounding area.  A bit foggy when we were there, but a bit of it is visible in the background of the pics.

Mom, aka extreme toddler sports photographer.

C was more interested in repeatedly sending Z down the hill with a big push, than going down himself. 

Sending Daddy down a hill.

Victory!  After sending Daddy sledging down a hill.

It was a fun time and we were thankful for the little bit of time we got to spend in the snow we were so accustomed to in Michigan.  Despite almost getting run over twice by a car on the walk back to our vehicle, it was a great time.  They really do not know how to drive in snow here.  Even the tiniest bit of frozen precipitation turns the roads very hazardous due to driver idiocy.


A little side note:  The winter coat C is wearing is seeing him through a 3rd winter.  Sizing up when buying it has been well worth the looks from some other moms after telling them, "no it's not a hand-me-down, I just chose a larger coat so it would last him."  My thanks to my mom for taking us shopping a couple years ago--money very well spent!


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  1. How fun! Hopefully things are getting warmer now.